About Joy Long

Joy discovered her inner DragonSlayer when faced with multiple, very challenging experiences. She lived in constant fight mode, never slowing down or replenishing, until she realized she was only slaying herself! With this realization, she dedicated her life to empowering others to recognize their fears, assess their dragons, choose their armor and step into their personal power.

As Slayer-In-Chief of DragonSlayer Strategies, Joy uses her many years of experience and human interaction to help individuals move their lives in positive, powerful ways, businesses to prosper while fulfilling their missions, and health care providers to become empowered while transforming the environments they work within.  Over the years, Joy has helped many people and businesses to grow their wisdom and find their inner Dragon Slayers.

Joy’s background includes being the Deputy Commissioner for Health Issues with the Indiana Department of insurance for a number of years.  In addition, she has held management and training positions in a variety of health care, manufacturing, social service, and sales organizations, developing and providing seminars for many types of organizations and acting as mediator in a variety of situations.

Joy is a member of the Women Speaker’s Association, e-Women Network, the Executive Women in Healthcare, the Medicare Provider Advisory Group, and other groups. She has a BS in Education, a BS in Communications, a pending MS in Health Administration, and a variety of specialty certifications. She has acted as trainer for many organizations, and has been adjunct faculty and guest lecturer at several area colleges. Joy has authored articles published in journals, industry specific publications, and newspapers and is a best-selling author. She has also acted as guest speaker/commentator with both radio and TV. Joy has been awarded recognition as Biltmore’s 2010 Professional of the Year and the 2011 VIP in Health Care Consulting.