#1 Bestselling Book, “Get Your Woman On!” with Joy Long

What would happen if, just for today, you allowed yourself to be exactly who you are?

What would happen if, just for today, you expressed yourself exactly as you always hoped you could?

What would happen if, just for today, you proudly embraced your feminine power?

What would happen if, just for today, you believed in the dream you hold so dear?

What would happen if, just for today, you called on other women to help you nurture that dream, to reach for it, to claim it as yours and live the purest, most beautiful vision of your life?

What would happen?

You are about to find out.

In Get Your Woman On: Embracing Beauty, Grace and the Power of Women, 39 inspiring women share their heartfelt, true stories of transformation. Featuring renowned activists such as Dr. Jean Shinoda-Bolen, successful entrepreneurs such as eWomen Network founder, Sandra Yancey, bestselling authors such as acclaimed actress Barbara Niven and three dozen other leaders, artists, healers, philanthropists speakers and change agents, Get Your Woman On is a testament to the indomitable spirit of women and the remarkable power of collaboration.



“While it may seem implausible, it certainly is possible for women to steer our planet toward a healthy, peaceful and sustainable future. When enough of us heed the call and come together in spiritually-centered circles of support, we can change the world.”

– from the chapter by renowned Jungian analyst, activist and bestselling author Dr. Jean Shinoda-Bolen.



Reading the stories in Get Your Woman On will inspire you to go after big dreams and big change – change in your heart, change in your community, change in our world. This book will empower you to answer your true calling and live the life you were meant to live.

In this book…

Sandra Yancey shares the story behind her inspiration for the founding of eWomenNetwork, and reveals how women entrepreneurs can FINALLY soar past the $1 million mark.
Dr. Jean Shinoda-Bolen calls on women to accept their “unique assignment” and build circles of support around effecting personal, local and global transformation.
Barbara Niven shares her powerful journey from eating disorders to self-acceptance, inspiring all of us to embrace the light within.
Dr. Emma Jean Thompson tells a riveting story about the miraculous power of faith, recounting her harrowing quest to become a mother.
Mai Lieu reveals how she took her clever invention from concept to sellout item on the Home Shopping Network.
And 34 other co-authors share their own stories of how they transformed their lives through embracing their own beauty, grace and power.


Like the unyielding, courageous, powerful women in this book, it’s time for you to Get Your Woman On! Buy your copy TODAY!

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