Wisdom and weapons for transformation!

Are you ready to transform your life or business?  Are you looking for strategies to help you face your obstacles?  DragonSlayer Strategies is here to guide you.

Dragons are an ancient symbol of knowledge and power.  Many cultures have revered them, others have feared them.  We use “dragon” as a synonym for “obstacle” to encourage you to have a different emotional response to the challenges you encounter.   We ask you to think of your dragons not as something to be feared…not as adversaries…but rather as challenges for you to discover your own boundaries and think about growing beyond them.  With a different emotional response, you can become more centered, more confident and more proactive!

This isn’t your standard motivational coaching!  Our goal for you is to be a “Merlin Trained Knight” – You continually grow your wisdom and use that wisdom to fortify your castle, your armor is polished, you have many types of tools and weapons at your disposal, you look at the big picture but assess individual situations and try to choose the appropriate path for each one within the context of the big picture, you use the strategies and  understand that every obstacle is not a dragon that needs slaying, you are prepared to fight but use your other tools before drawing your sword, you make no assumptions, you can walk away, and you hold the intent to learn from every situation.   You acknowledge your boundaries but continually strive to go beyond them.  And you let your dragons stimulate, provoke and teach you.  You are able to respond differently, take control, and become empowered!

You are not alone.  DragonSlayer Strategies is a champion, training with you, fighting beside you, celebrating with you!

Contact us to learn more:  joy.long@dragonslayerstrategies.com or Joy Long at (317) 496-8647